Hadyn Olsen
Name: Hadyn Olsen

Director of Interactions Training Ltd., Sexual Harassment Prevention Network trainer, Human Rights Comission - mid-North Island, Counsellor and Programme Development Manager for Challenge Violence Trust, Rotorua, Development Manager of Workplaces Against Violence in Employment.

Mediation Training:
Various training workshops in mediation , facilitation, counselling, supervision, workplace assessment, conflict resolution and team-based management. Has also completed "Fundamentals of Mediation" Workshop with Mediation training Centre in Auckland.
Hadyn practises as an employment relations advisor specialising in workplace mediation and facilitation. Based in Rotorua he covers the mid-north island for the Human Rights Commission (Sexual Harassment Prevention Network Trainer) and is also the development manager for WAVE (Workplaces Against Violence in Employment), a nationally focused organisation seeking to raise awareness about workplace bullying/harassment and encouraging the development of effective conflict management systems within organisations. Hadyn has been associated with Mediate Direct since 2000 and is completing a Diploma of Facilitation as well as a Bachelor of Applied Science (Psychology and Communication).
Hadyn has some seven years experience as a facilitator and for the past two years has been working as a mediator focusing mainly on workplace conflicts issues.


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