Fraser McDonald
Name: Fraser McDonald


M.A.(Hons), B.A., C.A.E.T., AFNZIM, MNZPsS.

Position: Director of own consultant training service in Auckland, Associate of Human Development & Training Institute, Tutor at UNITEC.

Mediation Training:
Fraser has trained in dispute resolution and mediation with the Conflict Resolution Network of Australia. He has also completed the "Fundamentals of Mediation" Workshop with the Mediation Training Centre in Auckland where he works as a part-time tutor.
Fraser is of Tongan, Samoan and Scottish descent. He was raised in the South Pacific and educated in New Zealand completing degrees in psychology, anthropology and sociology at Auckland University. Fraser has long-standing experience in Pacific issues and has held high offices in several international organisations. He also has interests in vocational training, social work and organisational development and has brought these interests together in his consulting work in performance management, organisational culture, and cross-cultural issues. He also teaches psychology on the Bachelor of Social Practice course at UNITEC. Fraser's background, education and experience place him uniquely at the cutting edge of many of the issues facing Auckland today.


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