David Robinson
Name: David Robinson
Qualifications: M.A., C.Q.S.A.
Position: Self-employed mediator, counsellor and consultant. Director of Conflict Resolvers, a Christchurch consulting group

Mediation Training:
"Family and Divorce Mediation" workshop with Haynes Mediation Training Institute of New York, mediation workshop with Elizabeth Putnam of Wellington, "Advanced Couples Mediation" workshop with Linda Fisher of Australia, "Conflict Partnership" workshop with Dr. Dudley Weeks.
David has worked in the counselling and mediation field since 1984, after ten years as a Probation Officer, specialising in addiction and rehabilitation programmes for prisoners, probationers and their families. David has been in private practice for twelve years, nine of them in a group practice of health professionals. He is presently one of three members in the group specialising in conflict resolution. He has a Masters degree in Sociology, is a NZ qualified secondary school teacher, a trained mediator and a member of the Arbitrators & Mediators Institute of New Zealand Inc. He has also been a consultant to the NZ Family Courts, and to numerous business persons, organisations and other agencies.


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