Colin Reeder
Name: Colin Reeder
Qualifications: M.A.(Hons)
Position: Colin is a self-employed consultant and Co-Director of an educational development firm.
Mediation Training:
Colin has completed the "Fundamentals of Mediation" Workshop with the Mediation Training Centre in Auckland.
Colin initially worked as a Probation Officer in Auckland before moving on to a position as a Community Development Advisor with Auckland City. After working in this capacity for several years he became the Manager of the Tamaki Development Authority, a Maori development organisation. He has also been employed as the Administration Manager of Te Ara Poutama at the Auckland University of Technology and in a similar capacity at the Waiariki Polytech in Rotorua. Colin is currently a Director of Consultus Pacific consulting on strategic planning and project management particularly in the education sector.
Colin has also accumulated considerable experience from his voluntary involvement in areas of employment creation, community education and community-based social services provision. Passionately interested in education he is currently enrolled in Ph.D. studies in this field. Colin is also trustee of two Tauranga-based Maori trusts administering extensive land holdings.

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