Anna Stallworthy
Name: Anna Stallworthy
Qualifications: B.A., Diploma in Teaching, Certificate in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy.

Anna currently works in mediation and counselling and as a real estate salesperson in Auckland.

Mediation Training:
Anna initially trained in victim-offender mediation with Dr Ian Brooks through the Auckland Probation Service. She also trained in tenancy mediation with the HCNZ. Other mediation training included: "Introductory and Advanced Environmental Mediation" Workshops with McCreary & Gammon; "Introductory Mediation" & "Advanced Tenancy Mediation" Workshops with CDR Associates of Colorado; "Family and Divorce Mediation" Workshop with John Haynes of the Haynes Family Mediation Institute of New York; "Mediation and NLP" Workshop with Michael Grinder; "Advanced Family Mediation" with Linda Fisher of Australia; and "Fundamentals of Mediation" Workshop with the Mediation Training Centre in Auckland. Anna has also participated in several Tauhara Mediation Forums and other informal trainings events.
Anna graduated BA in psychology and sociology and then worked in the retail sector, vocational guidance, and as a teacher before spending several years raising her four children. On re-entering the work force she trained in victim-offender mediation and gained experience with the Probation Service in Auckland. After this grounding in mediation Anna was appointed as one of the first tenancy mediators in Auckland and spent the following seven years in private practice as an independent tenancy mediator working throughout greater Auckland. Extensive further training through this period enabled her to develop her skills and expertise in working across cultures and in widely differing contexts. Anna also provided counselling and life-skills coaching. For the past eight years Anna has used her negotiation and mediation skills in residential real estate sales and has retained an involvement in mediator training through the Mediation Training Centre.


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