Mediate Direct is an innovative Auckland based consultancy that brings our combined experience, expertise and skills within your reach. Starting from the creative management of conflict and dispute resolution we offer:

  • Expert mediators
  • Wide-ranging experience in dispute resolution
  • Realistic answers to your problems
  • Prompt effective performance
  • Common sense and reality

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Conflict Resolution

Faced with conflict or dispute you can use our mediators to find a way to resolve your difficulties. We help you find creative ways to resolve your conflict at work or business, at home, or anywhere else, by using mediation or some other alternative dispute resolution method.



Using Mediate Direct trainers you can develop in-house training to cover all aspects of conflict resolution, mediation, negotiation and conflict-related communication skills. You can also access the workshops provided by the Mediation Training Centre in Auckland.


Coaching & Support

Mediate Direct staff and associates are all experienced professionals with their own skills and areas of expertise. We are available on a one-to-one contractual basis for coaching, mentoring, supervision and support.

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